von Liebig Center Path-To-Market Services

The Institute for the Global Entrepreneur provides Path-to-Market Services for UC San Diego-affiliated entrepreneurial teams who want to launch a technology company and prepare to seek and access angel, federal and venture investment.

Our services and mentoring are built on more than 14 years of experience in assisting early-stage companies from UC San Diego through our von Liebig Entrepreneurism Center.

If you are a UC San Diego faculty member, student or alumnus, we invite you to contact us to learn more about how we can help.

Commercialization Assessment

Our services start with an initial assessment to determine the status of your company and where you are in the commercialization process. We will discuss your core technology, leadership team, idea validation, customer development, business plan, and investor pitch. The assessment is typically done over the course of two to three meetings with an Executive-in-Residence.

Teams who require additional training at this stage may be referred to our NSF I-Corps Training Program.

Von Liebig Technology Accelerator

Entrepreneurial teams may be admitted to our von Liebig Technology Accelerator, which is designed for teams who are preparing to seek customer interest and investment in their startup company. During this intensive 3-month experience, teams are assigned a domain-expert business advisor and access Institute-affiliated faculty. Together the advisor and team determine an individualized set of milestones designed to improve the team’s go-to-market readiness. Milestones may include customer discovery, refining value propositions, revenue models and business models to facilitate customer and investment interest, and establishing connections and discussions with relevant contacts in industry and investment community.

Entrepreneur’s Showcase

Teams who have completed their investor pitch may be invited to participate in The Entrepreneur Showcase. Entrepreneurial teams present to a panel of venture capitalists, angel investors, domain experts, and potential partners. Teams are given constructive feedback on how to enhance their presentation and receive a detailed follow-up from our Executive-in-Residence.

Strategic Investment Partners

Following the Entrepreneur’s Showcase, teams who are ready for pre-seed investment may be invited to present their Investor Pitch Deck to IGE Strategic Investment Partners. These partners are angel investors and venture funds that are interested in seeding early stage companies emerging from the university.