Lab Services Agreements

CMI now offers microbiome-related lab services through Lab Services Agreements.

Standard services include:

Access UC San Diego’s state-of-the-art facilities, the latest omics technologies, analytical services and study design consultation and more.

Contact for a list of deliverables, terms and conditions.

If you have a clear idea of your project, please complete the following request form and we will contact you with a quote.


All samples will be prepared according to the best practices and procedures available to the CMI laboratories and as used in more than 4000 publications. Pre and post sequencing quantity and quality data can be provided for samples upon request. DNA extraction and sequencing is performed according to the EMP protocols. Extraction and processing of samples for untargeted metabolomics are performed according to the reports by Bouslimani et al. PNAS 2015 or Bouslimani et al. PNAS 2016. Additional sample processing and cleanup as well as targeted metabolomics and proteomic analyses are each available at an additional cost. A portion of the Data Analysis fee can be waived on a per collaboration basis.

**Shallow shotgun sequencing includes ~0.4M reads (~0.2M each of 2 x 150 bp paired-end reads) from an Illumina MiSeq. Deeper sequencing depth and longer read lengths up to 300 bp are available at additional cost.

Non-academic organizations, excluding Platinum and Gold CMI Sponsors and Innovation Partners, and are subject to an annual $50,000 affiliate fee which provides Corporate Affiliate status to the organization. This status confers a variety of benefits, including inclusion of organizational logos on CMI online materials and presentations and expedited processing of LSAs. More details on the Corporate Affiliate program can be provided by Sandrine Miller-Montgomery, CMI Executive Director:

Looking for additional services? Contact CMI Executive Director Sandrine Miller-Montgomery at to learn about other ways to partner with CMI.