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12/18/2001 UCSD Engineers Design Control System to Cut Airplane Fuel Consumption by Mimicking the Formation of Birds
12/14/2001 Center for Commercialization of Advanced Technologies Receives Unprecedented Response to First Solicitation
12/14/2001 Cal-(IT)², IBM, SDSC and Scripps Institution of Oceanography Unveil Powerful Computing Resources for Ocean Research
12/04/2001 Jacobs School Dean's Office Commended for Commitment to Diversity
12/03/2001 Science and Technology Experts Discuss California's High-Tech Future
11/27/2001 Senior Ericsson Researcher Magnus Almgren Finishes Faculty Stint in ECE
11/19/2001 Three CSE students finish in first place at ACM Southern California programming contest.
11/14/2001 UCSD Rocks New San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge.
10/29/2001 DuPont Donates Patents to UCSD.
10/22/2001 Research on Composite Fan Blades May Improve Airplane Safety and Performance.
10/05/2001 UCSD Bioengineers Fabricate Joint Cartilage Which Mimics Structure and Function of Natural Tissue.
10/04/2001 San Diego-based Center Seeks Crisis and Consequence Management Technologies to Counter the Threat of Terrorism.
09/10/2001 $10 Million Gift from the William J. von Liebig Foundation Funds Center for Entrepreneurism at UCSD's Jacobs School.
08/17/2001 UCSD's Center for Wireless Communications Awarded $1.5 Million in California Matching Funds for Corporate Research Projects.
08/09/2001 NSF Pledges $53 Million for a Distributed Terascale Facility.
07/30/2001 New Technology Institute Welcomes California Budget Signing, Cites Strong Corporate Support Despite Technology Downturn.
07/09/2001 UCSD Structural Engineer to Research Best Ways to Stabilize Seaside Cliffs.
06/06/2001 UC San Diego Professor and Cal-(IT)² Leader Joins Cenic Board of Directors.
05/18/2001 Modern Composite Materials Replace Steel and Concrete in California Desert Bridge Project.
05/16/2001 Jacobs School of Engineering Students Soar at International Airplane Design Contest.
05/04/2001 UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering Names Industry Executive of the Year and Honors Outstanding Alumni and Students.
04/19/2001 UCSD Professor Named President of the Electrochemical Society.
04/03/2001 UCSD Researchers Create a Home for Liver Cells on a Silicon Chip.
03/28/2001 Jacobs School and Departments Ranked Among Nation's Best in Annual U.S. News & World Report Survey.
03/08/2001 UCSD Structural Engineers to Discuss Findings from Trip to Post-Earthquake Washington.
03/05/2001 UCSD Materials Expert Elected to the National Academy of Engineering.
02/28/2001 UCSD Student Named to Top 100 in the Nation by USA Today.
02/21/2001 Change in Leadership Slated for San Diego Supercomputer Center.
02/07/2001 UCSD Engineering Students' Secure FTP Project Proves Secure, Portable, and Easy-to-Use.

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