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San Diego, CA, September 12, 2003 -- In October, UCSD-TV will begin airing two broadcast programs based on presentations delivered at the 2003 Research Review of the Jacobs School of Engineering. The 22nd annual conference on "data to decision" focused on the challenge of predicting, assessing and responding to today's challenges.

The two TV programs will air (all times Pacific):

- "Research Review 2003, Part 1: Faculty Perspectives" will air Oct. 15 at 8:30 p.m. and replay Oct. 20 at 10:30 p.m.

- "Research Review 2003, Part 2: Industry Perspectives" will air Oct. 22 at 8:30 p.m. and replay Oct. 27 at 10:30 p.m.

Faculty featured in Part 1 include Structural Engineering's Ahmed Elgamal; Bioengineering's Jeff Hasty: Rajesh Gupta and David Kriegman, both from Computer Science and Engineering; Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering's Miroslav Krstic; and Mohan Trivedi from Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Part 2 will feature presentations by Rob Calderbank of AT&T Labs Research; Peter A. Freeman, Assistant Director for Computer & Information Science & Engineering at the National Science Foundation; Esin Gulari, NSF's Acting Assistant Director for Engineering; and Larry E. Rosenberger, VP of Research & Development, Fair Isaac and Company.

From DNA databases to video and sensor networks, engineers increasingly have a goldmine of new types of data at their fingertips. The process of analyzing and extracting meaningful information from the data promises to revolutionize traditional fields of engineering. Bioengineers are devising ways to predict and control cellular function, structural engineers are using remote sensor data to monitor the health of lifeline structures, computer scientists can predict credit card fraud or provide early warning of Internet attacks, and electrical engineers are beginning to use video monitoring to help respond to crisis situations. Research Review speakers discussed new networking infrastructure and new systems for analyzing data and for putting the data to use in predicting, assessing and responding to today's challenges.

For programming changes and other information about UCSD-TV, go to The programs will initially air only in San Diego, either over-the-air (UHF channel 35) or over cable (Time Warner, Cox, and Del Mar Cablevision). At a later date, they will air on UCTV, which is available to more than 7 million television viewers throughout North America on Echostar Satellite's DISH Network (channel 9412).

Powerpoint presentations and archives of the live webcast from Research Review 2003 can also be downloaded from

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