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Jacobs School Launches Commemorative Paver Program

"Legacy Walk is a wonderful way to bring the Jacobs School family of students, alumni, faculty, staff and community partners together, while also raising funds to support education and research." - Kelly Briggs, Jacobs School associate director of development.
Legacy Walk traverses the courtyard outside the Jacobs School’s new academic quad. Pictured: The Computer Science and Engineering Building, which opens in 2005.
UCSD is dotted with unforgettable landmarks such as the diamond- shaped central library with its winding snake path and the colorful sun god that watches over student events. Now the Jacobs School is adding a landmark of its own in the form of Legacy Walk, a commemorative paver program, to be installed in the School's new academic quad. In the past decade, the Jacobs School has nearly doubled in size and now includes 170 faculty and 5,400 students. To accommodate the growth, three new buildings have replaced the polo field near Warren Mall, forming an academic quad for engineering.The Powell-Focht Bioengineering Hall (completed in 2003) and the new buildings for Computer Science and Engineering and Cal-(IT)² (to be occupied in 2005) will all open onto a beautifully landscaped courtyard, where scholars will gather for generations to come.

Legacy Walk is your opportunity to show your support for engineering at UCSD by purchasing an elegant bluestone paver to be installed along the walkway that traverses the courtyard. Imagine your pride as you take your family and friends to see your name (or theirs) on the UCSD Jacobs School campus alongside the names of mentors, classmates, colleagues, and students. Paver prices start at $150 and include a certificate of authentication. Contributions support priority education and research initiatives at the Jacobs School and will help us continue to fulfill our mission of educating tomorrow's technology leaders and seeking discoveries and innovations.

To learn more, visit www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/LegacyWalk or contact Kelly Briggs at (858) 534-2329 or kbriggs@ucsd.edu.