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UCSD Pascal Reunion

They came from as far as San Francisco,Oregon and Washington. Like college-aged buddies, these 40-something men and women camped out on floors in their friends' homes.And from the moment Richard Kaufmann booted up a copy of the 24 x 80 monochrome "Welcome to UCSD Pascal" screen, this group of some 50 UCSD alumni were transported back 30 years, when as undergraduates they helped usher in the PC revolution.

The UCSD Pascal Reunion Symposium and Dinner was held October 22, 2004 to celebrate the accomplishments of Professor Emeritus Ken Bowles and his team of graduate and undergraduate students. In the mid-70s, this team worked late into the night and long through the weekends to modify the original Pascal language and to create a portable programming language and operating system that for the first time made microprocessors accessible to the masses, including college-age students taking intro to programming classes.The team filled thousands of requests for copies of the p-system, and by the early 80s, UCSD Pascal was being used as a teaching tool by universities worldwide and was implemented by major corporations such as Apple and IBM. Many of the concepts developed through UCSD Pascal are still in use today in languages like Java and Ada.

Visit www.jacobsschool.ucsd.edu/Pascal to view photo galleries and watch talks from the symposium.

UCSD Pascal team at October 22 reunion. Professor Ken Bowles receives a standing ovation.