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Paul Linden Leads Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department

After serving four years as chair of graduate affairs for the Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering Department, Paul Linden has assumed the duties of chair of the department. Linden, who holds the Blasker Chair in Environmental Science, says one of the hallmarks of the MAE department is its broad base in engineering sciences.

"Our strength comes from focusing on deep, long-term understanding motivated by some of society's most critical engineering problems," says Linden, who notes that his goal is to enhance the department's already outstanding reputation in research and teaching.

One way that Linden hopes to achieve that goal is by reaching out to other departments such as Bioengineering and the School of Medicine, where Juan Lasheras, the department's immediate past chair, is working with UCSD surgeons to develop new diagnostics and treatments for aortic aneurisms.

Prior to joining UCSD in 1998, Linden was a faculty member at the University of Cambridge.
Among his many honors, he was elected a fellow of the American Physical Society in 2003.