UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering
University of California San Diego

10 new faculty hired

The Jacobs School welcomes ten new faculty, who will join UCSD in the '05/'06 academic year. They bring the School's total faculty to 170, and add to expertise in bioengineering and bioinformatics, controls, electromagnetics and optics, computer architecture, software systems, and graphics.

Yoav Freund,
Computer Science and Engineering
Computational learning theory, machinelearning, bioinformatics, computer vision.
Ph.D., UC Santa Cruz, 1993
Most recently: Sr. Research Scientist,
Columbia University
Gert Lanckriet,
Asst. Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Machine learning, optimization, computational biology, financial engineering, statistics.
Ph.D., UC Berkeley, 2005
Deborah E. Leckband,
Molecular basis of cell adhesion, biosensors and biomedical materials, scaffolds for tissue engineering.
Ph.D., Cornell University, 1988
Most recently: Westwater Professor and Head of the Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sorin Lerner,
Asst. Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Programming language and analysis techniques, including static program analysis, domain specific languages, compilation, formal methods, theorem provers.
Ph.D., University of Washington (pending, 2005)
Vitaliy Lomakin,
Asst. Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Electromagnetic propagation, wave propagation in media, optics.
Ph.D., Tel Aviv University, 2003
Most recently: Visiting Asst. Professor, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Sonia Martínez,
Asst. Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Distributed motion coordination algorithms, distributed estimation and data gathering, robotics.
Ph.D., Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, Spain, 2002
Most recently: Fulbright Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Santa Barbara
Peter A.B. Orlean,
Professor in Residence
School of Medicine joint appointment
Carbohydrate and lipid modifications of proteins, polysaccharide synthesis, cell wall construction in yeast and pathogenic fungi, new targets for antifungal drugs.
Ph.D., Cambridge University, 1982
Most recently: Professor of Microbiology, University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign
Elizabeth Simon,
Computer Science and Engineering
Computer science education, instructional technology, computer architecture.
Ph.D., UCSD, 2002
Most recently: Asst. Professor, University of San Diego and Analyst, SDSC
Michael Taylor,
Asst. Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Computer architecture, parallel computing, microprocessor and VLSI circuit design, and on-chip interconnection networks.
Ph.D., MIT (pending, 2005)
Matthias Zwicker,
Asst. Professor
Computer Science and Engineering
Computer graphics, point-based rendering, 3D modeling, graphics hardware architecture.
Ph.D., Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, 2003
Most recently: Postdoctoral Scholar, MIT


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