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MentorNet connects students with alumni-virtually

Bioengineering PhD. candidate Anna Raskin
Bioengineering PhD. candidate Anna Raskin

If you think that one person can't make a difference or that volunteer work takes too much time, think again. Through a partnership with MentorNet, the Jacobs School is leading a campus-wide effort to pair students majoring in engineering and the sciences with "e-mentors." These virtual advisors participate in a one-on- one email relationship facilitated by MentorNet to provide information, advice, and encouragement that can have a big influence on a protégé's future success. Designed to be quick and accessible, MentorNet's model matches mentor-protégé pairs based on mutual interests and involves as few as 20 minutes of email contact per week.

Bioengineering PhD. candidate Anna Raskin is one of more than 150 UCSD participants since the university joined MentorNet in 2006. "I had spent months trying to optimize an experiment that would never end up working," says Raskin. "My experiences left me questioning my abilities and commitment to obtaining a Ph.D." Shortly after registering with MentorNet, she was paired with an e-mentor. "I found she too had had many of the same feelings and similar experiences while working towards her Ph.D. She has not only been a major source of support throughout the months we worked together, she also provided thoughtful and solid advice," says Raskin.

MentorNet is free for UCSD students, postdoctoral fellows and junior faculty in engineering, mathematics, and science (excluding medicine or pre-med).

How to Get Involved
To mentor a UCSD student, visit and specify UCSD as a requirement if you prefer to work with one of our students in your area of expertise.

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