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Digital dandelions

Priya Mahadevan
Priya Mahadevan

What looks like the fluffy head of a dandelion is actually a digital map of the Internet. But it is no ordinary Internet map - it is a reproduction of a corner of the Internet done at a larger scale that retains important interconnectivity characteristic of the original.

The ability to produce detailed Internet maps at different scales is useful for research focused on better ways to defend against denial of service attacks and large-scale worm outbreaks - and for a variety of other network research projects, says Priya Mahadevan, the first author on a SIGCOMM 2007 paper describing this work. Mahadevan recently finished her computer science Ph.D. at UCSD and joined Hewlett Packard Laboratories.

"The techniques we have developed are generally applicable to a broad range of disciplines that consider networks, including physics, biology, chemistry, neuroscience and sociology," says computer science professor Amin Vahdat, the paper's senior author and the director of UCSD's Center for Networked Systems.

Digital Dandelion

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