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Beyond Green: Sustainability Engineering

Infiltrate Botnets

Jacobs School computer scientists infiltrated the Storm botnet - an infamous spam-sending network of infected and remotely controlled computers to better understand online crime. more »

Cool Project to Lower Campus Energy Usage

Voting Machine Succumbs to New Programming Technique

Computer scientists demonstrated that criminals could use "return-oriented programming" to force an electronic voting machine to use its good code to steal votes. more »

Cloud Computing Forecast: Sunny

Harnessing the Signal

Electrical engineers are breaking world records for signal processing in real time as they move closer to eliminating a major bottleneck in today's fiber optic networks. more »

Need New Look? Online Makeover is fan-taaz-tic

Earthquake Safety and the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge

Caltrans turned to the Jacobs School's Structural Engineering Department to complete all of the testing required to verify new structural systems for the seismic safety of the new San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge east span. more »

Sol Penner Wins National Academy's 'Founders Award'

Sleep Talking PCs Save Energy and Money

"Sleep talking" is an energy and money saving mode for personal computers that incorporates aspects of both sleep mode and awake mode. Computer scientists at the Jacobs School and Microsoft Research developed this technology, which may be expanded to entire networks. more »

Mountaintop Eyes Help Battle 2007 Wildfires

Nimble and Thrifty Data Centers

Data centers are big and bulky on the outside, but computer scientists at the Jacobs School are making them agile and flexible on the inside. more »

Flip-Flopping Genes Would Have Bewildered Gregor Mendel

Dissecting DNA with Nanotechnology

NanoEngineering professor Gaurav Arya is using innovative approaches to deduce the internal structure of chromatin, a key player in DNA regulation, a breakthrough that could unlock the mystery behind the origin of many diseases such as cancer. more »