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New Faculty

Pedro Cabrales, Assistant Professor
Pedro Cabrales Gas transport physiology and bioengineering design for development of next generation blood substitutes; Bioengineering microcirculation; The effect of blood substitutes on oxygen transport to tissue.
Ph.D., 2003, University of Los Andes, Bogota, Colombia
Most recently: Assistant Professor and Research Scientist, La Jolla Bioengineering Institute
Gert Cauwenberghs, Professor
Gert Cauwenberghs Analog and digital VLSI microsystems for adaptive neural computation and sensory information processing, from neuromorphic systems engineering and kernel-based learning machines to micropower implantable neural interfaces, acoustic microarrays, adaptive optics and biometric identification.
Ph.D., 1994, California Institute of Technology
Most recently: Professor, Biological Sciences, UC San Diego
Renkun Chen, Assistant Professor
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Renkun Chen Fundamentals of heat transfer in semiconductor nanostructures; Phonon physics.
Ph.D., 2008, UC Berkeley
Most recently: Postdoctoral Research, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory
Patrick Fox, Professor
Structural Engineering
Patrick Fox Geotechnical and geoenvironmental engineering. His work includes flow through porous media, consolidation, geosynthetics, geotechnical earthquake engineering, foundation engineering, retaining structures, and slope stability. Dr. Fox is also the incoming Editor-in-Chief of the ASCE Geotechnical Journal, and recently won both the 2008 IGS Award (International Geosynthetics Society) and the 2009 ASCE Thomas Middlebrooks Award.
Ph.D., 1992, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Most recently: Professor, Ohio State University
Ying Shirley Meng, Assistant Professor
Ying Shirley Meng Energy storage and conversion materials: nano structured electrodes for advanced rechargeable batteries, dye-sensitized solar cells and thermoelectric conversion; charge ordering, structure stability, processing/ structure/property - performance relation in functional ceramics.
Ph.D., 2005, National University of Singapore, Singapore-MIT Alliance
Most recently: Assistant Professor, University of Florida
Donald Sirbuly, Assistant Professor
Donald Sirbuly Nanoscale sensors and energy-harvesting nanotechnologies. His research includes work in sub-wavelength waveguides and nanophotonics, use of nanophotonics for biological sensing and imaging, and synthesis of optimized nanostructured nanowires.
Ph.D., 2003, UC Santa Barbara
Most recently: Graboske Fellow, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory
Andrea Tao, Assistant Professor
Andrea Tao Functional nanostructured materials, including nanowires, nanophotonics, and biomimetic materials. She works in nanophotonics and optics at the nanoscale, in the synthesis and assembly of platonic nanocrystals, and in developing nanowires for sensing applications.
Ph.D., 2007, UC Berkeley
Most recently: Postdoc, MITUC President Postdoctoral Fellow, UC Santa Barbara
Jie Xiang, Assistant Professor
Electrical and Computer Engineering
Jie Xiang Nanostructured semiconductor materials, spanning fundamental electronic transport, nanoelectromechanical properties as well as applications in high performance nanoelectronics, energy conversion and biosensing. Fabrication of ultrasmall contact metallization for nanowires. Nanoelectromechanical (NEMS) systems based on semiconductor nanowires.
Ph.D., 2007, Harvard University
Most recently: Kevali Nanoscience Institute Postdoctoral Fellow, California Institute of Technology

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