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Chips and Light

Chips and Light

For a large and diverse array of Jacobs School engineers working in the areas of optics, photonics and networking, where the light meets the chip is where the rubber meets the road. More than 30 Jacobs School faculty, students and researchers are involved in the Center for Integrated Access Networks (CIAN), a 10-university $18.5 million project funded by the National Science Foundation. Electrical engineering professor Shaya Fainman serves as Deputy Director of CIAN, which is focused on developing optoelectronic technologies - where light and electronics interact - for high-bandwidth, low-cost, widespread access networks. Stojan Radic and George Papen, also electrical engineering professors, are the co-leads for CIAN's UC San Diego test bed, housed in Calit2. The test bed enables collaborative research among CIAN participants and with the wider research and industrial community. Electrical engineering professor Joseph Ford and computer science professor Amin Vahdat are also on the CIAN leadership team. Check out the new CIAN Web site and newsletter at:

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