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Jacobs School At The NSF

Computer science professor Keith Marzullo now also serves as Director of Computer and Network Systems at the National Science Foundation.

For the next few years, computer science professor Keith Marzullo will have one foot on each coast - literally. On September 20, 2010, he began serving as Director of Computer and Network Systems at the National Science Foundation (NSF) in Arlington, Virginia.

Marzullo will oversee the program managers that handle the grant-giving process and help shape the vision of the Computer and Network Systems Division going forward.

"At the NSF, I'll be thinking a lot about research, just not my own," said Marzullo, who will be talking with researchers, attending conferences, and working with government agencies to identify the most important, emerging areas in order to build budgets and encourage new areas for NSF funding.

Computer and Network Systems is one of three Divisions within the NSF Directorate for Computer and Information Science and Engineering (CISE). An NSF division director is roughly the equivalent of a department chair. "As chair of the computer science department, my job was to enable the faculty, to make sure they were as successful as they could be," said Marzullo. "As a division director at the NSF, I have to enable my program directors and help their programs to grow."

Marzullo expects to returns to UC San Diego with a broad and valuable perspective. "That's why the university supports faculty doing this... it brings back an understanding of what the NSF and other agencies are looking to fund, and what works and doesn't work."


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