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Wear a Sensor, Help Monitor Citywide Air Quality

Computer scientists recently completed a wearable environmental sensor that will track carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide exposure, temperature and humidity. The sensor will be part of CitiSense, a wireless network of pocketsized environmental sensors worn by the public. Cell phones will analyze information collected by the sensors and will send it to central computers where it will be further analyzed, anonymized and reflected back out to individuals, public health agencies and San Diego at large in near real-time. The CitiSense team has also developed software that runs on Android based mobile phones and interfaces with their sensors. This fall, the researchers are conducting a user study to evaluate the usability, accessibility and feasibility of the CitiSense system for "participatory sensing" of air pollution.

Views "under the hood" of a new wearable sensor that monitors carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, temperature and humidity.

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