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Outreach Programs and Student Organizations

Excite kids early. Inspire them to consider a career in engineering. These are two of the objectives behind Jacobs School outreach programs for middle and high school students. Many of the programs, including ENSPIRE, are run by students - and this provides a double benefit. The Jacobs School students doing the outreach are also enriched by the experience.

When Jacobs School students get involved in student organizations, whether it's through outreach projects, professional, diversity or other organizations, they have the opportunity to learn to plan, to communicate with others, to manage work flow and to coordinate complex events, said computer science undergraduate Justin Huang, president of the Triton Engineering Student Council, the umbrella organization for most student groups at the Jacobs School.

Getting involved in student organizations is also exciting. How else would you make motorcycles run on biodiesel, send balloons into the upper atmosphere, or build and race concrete canoes? A list of student organizations is at:

Outreach H.S. Student Image
COSMOS is a residential outreach program that introduces high school students to topics from biology to embedded programming and ultimately aims to get them motivated to major in a related discipline. The Jacobs School administers COSMOS at UC San Diego. Last summer, COSMOS students built programmable sculptures that move and interact (pictured), learned about climate change, earthquakes, red blood cells, and more.

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