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Bioengineering Students Named 2012 Siebel Scholars

Five bioengineering Ph.D. students whose research is aimed at improving human health are among the 2012 recipients of the annual Siebel Scholars awards. Selected for their outstanding academic performance and leadership, each student receives a $35,000 fellowship during the final year of their studies.

Jessica DeQuach Image

Jessica DeQuach works in Karen Christman's Biomaterials and Regenerative Medicine lab. Her work includes tissue-specific matrices for injectable tissue engineering scaffolds to treat ischemia in the brain

Che-Ming Jack Hu Image

Che-Ming Jack Hu develops nanotechnology platforms and anticancer nanomedicine with advisor Liangfang Zhang.

Dan Kagan Image

Dan Kagan from Joseph Wang's Laboratory for Nanobioelectronics crafts nano-scale rockets that can detect cancer cells, isolate proteins and provide targeted drug delivery.

Lauren Hruby Jepson Image

Lauren Hruby Jepson is working on building a better retinal prosthesis for the visually impaired. She works at the Salk Institute in the lab of neurobiology professor E.J. Chichilnisky as well as at the Retinal Engineering Center of Jacobs School professor Gabriel Silva.

Nathan Lewis Image

Nathan Lewis is a member of the Systems Biology Research Group led by Professor Bernhard Palsson. His research involves the use of large models of metabolism to study prokaryotic biochemistry and evolution.


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