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JUMP: Pyramid Mentoring

Jump Team Image

JUMP, is a new "pyramid" mentoring program at the Jacobs School. More seasoned students mentor newer students; and the Jacobs School community grows stronger.

Ten graduate students and 60 undergraduates make up the first human pyramid, which is divided into groups of seven: one graduate student, two seniors or juniors, and four freshmen or sophomores. The small groups are set to meet every other week while the entire group meets at least twice a quarter.

JUMP is a partnership between the IDEA Student Center and the Jacobs Graduate Student Council. The brain child of engineering graduate students Margie Mathewson and Laura Connelly, the program is supported by L3-Communications, which helped establish the JUMP structure. "We can see this program growing by leaps and bounds," said Gennie Miranda, assistant director of the IDEA Student Center at the Jacobs School. "Right now, we are building a solid foundation."

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