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Traffic Updates 'Powered by Cal-(IT)²'

The California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology [Cal-(IT)²] has developed a free, voice-assisted traffic information service for commuters in the San Diego area. Motorists can dial toll-free (866) 500-0977 to retrieve real-time alerts and traffic speeds for most major highways countywide. Cal-(IT)² researcher Ganz Chockalingam developed the voice interface to give commuters telephone access to the same up-to-the-minute traffic data that is currently available only through the Internet at a website maintained by Caltrans.

When you call, the automated response system will ask which highway and direction you want. If you respond “5-South,” it will retrieve data on all points of Interstate 5 South where traffic is flowing at less than 40 miles per hour. It will then provide details on the exact flow speeds at each exit e.g., “La Jolla Village Drive… 19 miles per hour”). New upgrades due out shortly will allow motorists to program in their commuting routes – to get a quick fix on traffic jams along the way, and even an estimated driving time.

For more information, go to www.calit2.net/trafficreport.