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Corporate Partners Fund New Research in CNS

More students will get the chance to work at AT&T next summer, and also at the other four corporate members of the Center for Networked Systems: Alcatel, Hewlett Packard, QUALCOMM and Sun Microsystems. Apart from the summer internships, the companies are supporting seven ongoing research projects at UCSD. Topics include:

  • modeling large-scale dynamic Internet and Grid behavior;
  • extending complex mapping and resource techniques from data centers to the grid environment;
  • free-space optics as a last-mile solution supporting fixed point and mobile services;
  • cross-layer wireless measurement;
  • resource allocation in federated, distributed computing infrastructures;
  • quality of service-based network services architecture for overlay networks; and
  • automatic capture and analysis of largescale worm, virus and anti-routing activity.

The center's next batch of two-year research projects will be selected in July.