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Students Star in Reality TV Show

Jacobs School Ph.D. candidate Albert Lin was one of four engineering students participating in a Chasing Nature episode that used a spider web as inspiration.

Seven engineering students and one alumnus appeared recently in a 13-part reality series on the Animal Planet Network called Chasing Nature . The series was filmed in Australia and features top U.S. engineering students being challenged to build physical models that recreate amazing animal behaviors.

"It's actually quite hard to mimic an animal's behavior and attributes, especially in just five days," says Chiara Daraio, a Ph.D. candidate in the Jacobs Schoo 's Materials Science and Engineering Program. "Mother Nature has taken some million years to get things straight."

Fellow graduate students in the Materials Science and Engineering Program appearing with Daraio in the series include Joseph AuBuchon, Rita Finones,Andrew Gapin, Albert Lin, and Smita J. Pathak. Electrical and computer engineering student Shay Shmuel Har-Noy and alumnus Scott Anderson are also participating in the series.

"I enjoy shows such as Fear Factor, so this was a dream come true," says Finones. "Reality TV is good fun. But, then again, as scientists and engineers, we ‘chase nature' every day. That's our job."

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