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Finals week, without a final

As Jacobs School engineering students slugged through the last exams of the winter quarter, QUALCOMM employees who weathered finals weeks at UCSD in years past returned to campusóbut this time no studying was required.

As part of a new initiative to encourage networking among Jacobs School alumni within their own corporations, the QUALCOMM group lunched and toured the engineering courtyard and Calit2 with Larry Larson, incoming chair of the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering. The alumni learned about hot projects at the Jacobs School; including nanowires for next-generation LEDs, phased array chips for high-bandwidth telecommunication links, and new Internet epidemiology research. In January, many of these same alumni came together at QUALCOMM for a technology talk by Jacobs School ECE professor Truong Nguyen on new strategies for wireless video coding.

"It's useful to hear about what's going on and to see how closely the Jacobs School and industry are working together," says Chuck Han, director, engineering, QUALCOMM CDMA Technologies. At UCSD, Han earned computer engineering and economics undergraduate degrees in 1984 and a master's degree in computer science in 1987. "I haven't seen this many young people so full of dreams all in one place in a long time. It makes me feel young," says Han.

The Jacobs School has also started alumni activities at SAIC and Cymer. If you are interested in forming a Jacobs School engineering alumni group at your company, contact Mary Jo Ball at (858) 822-4562 or

Finals week, without a final

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