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Single photon detector wins top prize at Research Expo

Save the Date Research Expo 2008: February 21

With a flash of light, photons simultaneously fly toward the face of a person waiting to be identified for security purposes. The packets of light bounce off the face and land on a sensor that clocks when each photon arrives in order to reconstruct a 3D image of the face almost instantaneously.

This is just one potential application of a new single-photon detector created by electrical and computer engineering Ph.D. candidate Hod Finkelstein. He won the the Rudee Outstanding Poster Award—the top prize at the Jacobs School Research Expo held February 22. In all, 250 Jacobs School graduate students presented posters at the event, where a panel of industry judges, including 25 Jacobs School alumni, selected best poster winners from each of the School's five academic departments. The potential applications for Finkelstein's single photon detector extend well beyond face recognition and include biological imaging for cancer detection.

The 26th annual Research Expo, part of National Engineers Week at the Jacobs School , is a research open house where recruiters, venture capitalists, engineers and project managers can get an inside look at leading edge innovations.

Jacobs School alumni judges at Research Expo.
Jacobs School alumni judges at Research Expo.