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Four Freshman Win $5,000

When freshman David Wong placed a weekend call to his parents, they must have thought he needed more money. Instead, he told them that he and three fellow freshmen Aaron Swartz, David Swartz, and Andrew Smith were splitting the $5,000 first prize of the Qualcomm Innovator Challenge design contest at the Jacobs School. Wong's team envisioned BookPal, a portable electronic device that looks like a book and has two screens. Users could watch TV on one screen and simultaneously scribble answers to math problems on the other.

The $3,000 second prize went to another all-freshman squad: Jasminé Nourblin, Jonathan Reuter, Rachel Nguyen and Vincent Wong. They envisioned a portable electronic device with a screen that rolls up and fits in your pocket. The $2,000 third prize went to Yoichi Shiga, Peter Schoonmaker, Sammy Lee and Steve Culbertson, designers of a digital clipboard that helps doctors and other health care professionals work together better - within one hospital and across the world.

The lively event was organized by the Jacobs School's Corporate Affiliates Program and Qualcomm.

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