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Beyond Green: Sustainability Engineering

Institute of Engineering in Medicine to Accelerate Innovative Health Care Technologies

Engineers and physicians are joining forces to develop future treatments for 21st century health care through UC San Diego's new Institute of Engineering in Medicine (IEM). more »

Cool Project to Lower Campus Energy Usage

Engineering Methods to Combat Congenital Heart Disease in Children

Alison Marsden, a young mechanical and aerospace engineering professor, has developed computer modeling tools to enhance pediatric surgeons' ability to perform heart surgery on children. more »

Cloud Computing Forecast: Sunny

"Smart Bombs" for Safer Chemotherapy Treatments

Smart bombs deliver chemotherapy drugs directly to cells that must be killed to stop the spread of cancer. Minimizing collateral damage to healthy tissues during chemotherapy is a goal. more »

Need New Look? Online Makeover is fan-taaz-tic

Powerful New "Eyes" for Surgeons

Engineers and physicians are building better cameras for non-invasive surgeries that do not open a patient's abdominal wall. Instead, surgeons use natural openings to access the abdominal cavity. more »

Sol Penner Wins National Academy's 'Founders Award'

Gordon Engineering Leadership Center Established

The new center will cultivate engineering leaders at all career stages, focusing on ethics, management and team leadership, engineering to meet societal needs, and assessing the potential impact of new technologies. more »

Mountaintop Eyes Help Battle 2007 Wildfires

TIP Top Team Internship Program

Professional engineering work experience. International adventure. Money for next school year. The Team Internship Program (TIP) offers all this and a great time too. more »

Flip-Flopping Genes Would Have Bewildered Gregor Mendel

Clean Tech Cluster

Fiber optic solar, energy recycling, and algae biofuel research received a financial boost through a new partnership between the City of San Diego, UCSD's von Liebig Center and SDSU. more »