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SPiLL IT Program Promotes Mentoring Between Alumni and Students

A new program known as SPiLL IT (Students Pursuing Life Lessons in Technology) provides unique opportunities for alumni to mentor and advise engineering students in an informal and interactive environment. The program is an occasional event that brings Jacobs School alumni back to campus to network and interact with current undergraduate students. It is designed to have an informal, coffee-shop-like atmosphere that will promote authentic, honest conversation. Ideally the get-togethers will last about 90 minutes, and will take place in the early evening on a weekday. Students want to learn about successful career paths, including what pitfalls to avoid, how to bounce back from mistakes, how to find mentors, how to plan a successful job hunt, etc.

"We think SPiLL IT is going to be a powerful and interesting program for alumni and students alike," said Tatis Cervantes, Asst. Director of Alumni Relations for the Jacobs School. "Alumni and students provided positive feedback about the pilot test and looked forward to participating again. We want to provide ongoing opportunities for this kind of mentorship and collaboration between alumni and students." To participate, contact Tatis Cervantes at or at (858) 822-6968.

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