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Jacobs School Alumni Go With the Flo

Photo of students and rocket
Jacobs School alumni working for San Diego-based Flometrics work on a variety of engineering projects such as testing the use of biofuel in rocket motors.

Since earning her B.S. in mechanical and aerospace engineering from the Jacobs School in 2008, Judy Emaus has worked on a variety of commercial projects, including the design and development of a pump for liquid rocket fuel, a soldier cooling vest, a wind turbine for household energy production, medical ventilators, and a thermal cooling system for compact electronics.

Emaus, along with fellow Jacobs School alum Chris Nykamp (B.S. '07) is a mechanical engineer at Carlsbadbased Flometrics. The company, founded by UCSD alum Steve Harrington (B.S. '84, Ph.D. '95) provides engineering services for applications in fluid dynamics, thermodynamics, and data acquisition. The company's engineers work in a range of research, design, and development projects such as heat exchangers, air ducts, fans, blowers, pumps, and automated lab equipment with Labview. The company also has a flow visualization lab, performs CFD analysis, and has a rapid prototyping machine, which allows its engineers to come up with quick, practical solutions using their in-house expertise. The company's engineering services are applied to a range of products, including consumer goods, medical devices, and aerospace products.

"By working at Flometrics, I have been able to acquire invaluable experience of what it takes to engineer products from beginning to end," Emaus said. "I get to be a part of all aspects of a project, from creating proposals, performing analysis and design, to prototype development and builds. This experience gives me the ability to work on a specific part of a project with the overall knowledge of the steps it will take to develop a solution in the most efficient manner. I enjoy coming into work each day and I am fortunate to work with such a great team of engineers.".

"The Jacobs School of Engineering provided me with the toolkit necessary to work as an engineer, but most importantly emphasized the values of leadership and teamwork, which are essential to work in industry," she added.

In 2009, Emaus and Nykamp were part of Flometrics' research, testing the use of environmentally friendly fuels in rocket motors. The launch of the company's biofuel rocket was filmed for Discovery Channel Canada. The episode can be viewed here:

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