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New Faculty

Mark Anderson, Lecturer
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Photo of Mark Anderson Vehicle design, navigation, and control. Anderson will serve as the primary instructor and coordinator of the capstone senior aerospace design sequence within MAE.
Ph.D., 1988, Purdue University
Most recently: Senior Analyst, Metron, Inc.
Ratnesh Lal, Professor
Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering/Bioengineering
Photo of Ratnesh Lal Development of nanotechniques and devices to examine gap junctional hemichannels; biomedical applications of atomic force microscopy (AFM); development of nanotechnologies for multi-scale biophysical and system biology studies of channels and receptors; nanosensors and devices for biomedical diagnostics and therapeutics.
Ph.D., 1987, University of Alabama-Birmingham
Most recently: Professor, Department of Medicine, University of Chicago
Daniel Sievenpiper, Professor
Electrical & Computer Engineering
Renkun Chen Electromagnetic structures for antennas and other applications; metamaterials such as artificial impedance surfaces for conformal and steerable antennas.
Ph.D., 1999, UCLA
Most recently: Director, Applied Electromagnetics Laboratory, HRL (former Hughes Research Laboratories)

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