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Better Computing, Communication at Disaster Sites

Photo of researcher
Computer science professor William Griswold tests display of "rich feeds" data from multiple sources during a 2008 emergency preparedness exercise in southern San Diego County.

Responding to natural disasters, like the recent earthquakes in Haiti and Chile, is further complicated by the difficulty in delivering medical care in a chaotic environment where the communications infrastructure on the ground is seriously damaged or completely destroyed.

To address this problem, UCSD researchers, including computer science professor William Griswold (see CitiSense, left), have launched a project to find better ways for emergency officials and first responders to talk to each other and share data on the ground at the scene of a natural or man-made disaster - even when the local communications infrastructure is out of commission.

The project will explore group or collaborative computing in mobile environments, as well as self-scaling systems for disaster management, no matter how many personnel and agencies respond to a disaster.

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