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Engineering Leaders Start Here

Nearly 1,800 engineers and computer scientists graduated from the Jacobs School of Engineering in 2015.

That’s a major boost to the technical and entrepreneurial workforce for the San Diego region, California and the nation. We are sharing student profiles online.

Find them at:

Heryang Lee

Structural Engineering('17)

“We are beyond just strictly ‘studious’ individuals — we have our own struggles, aspirations and experiences that make us who we are and drive us to pursue engineering.”

Ryan Collins

Electrical Engineering (’16, MS ’17)

Maybe one day I will be helping to put rovers, or even people, on Mars,” says Ryan who is obsessed with outer space and robotics.

Elsie Varela

Environmental Engineering (’17)

Elsie plans to connect environmental engineering to public health and calls herself a "social-justice oriented, tree-hugging, feminist engineer."

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