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Pascal Reunion

UCSD P-System Team, circa 1978. For two decades, the original UCSD P-System team met at Disneyland on the day after Labor Day.
Pascal Project alumni from across the country are making their travel plans to meet at UCSD October 22-24. The goal of the reunion is to recognize the contributions of Professor Emeritus Kenneth Bowles and the Pascal team, and to incorporate the lore of UCSD Pascal into the new Computer Science and Engineering building, which will open its doors in spring 2005.

When Bowles started the UCSD Pascal project in the mid-Seventies, Apple Computer and Microsoft were in their infancy, word processors were just being introduced, and the media were beginning to recognize the term "personal computer." Bowles had an idea of what might be a useful technology in the classroom and leveraged it into a premier portable operating system capable of bringing complex applications to the nascent microcomputer world. Pascal launched the careers of dozens of young UCSD student programmers involved in the project. Many of the ground-breaking ideas embodied in the greater UCSD Pascal System survive today in various computer and system architectures, most notably Java.

To learn more about the UCSD Pascal reunion, contact Kelly Briggs at kbriggs@ucsd.edu, 858-534-2920.