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Computer Science Faculty Receive NSF CAREER awards

Three Jacobs School Computer Science and Engineering (CSE) assistant professors have received 2004 CAREER awards from the National Science Foundation. Each of the awards totals approximately $500,000 over five years.

Sanjoy Dasgupta's "Agorithms for Unsupervised Learning" project will be focused on developing algorithms with rigorous performance guarantees for core machine learning tasks.
In the area of networking, Alin Deutsch will create "XML Middleware for Privacy-Preserving Database Publishing" to help data owners deal with the everincreasing demand of publishing proprietary data on the Web as XML. One major thrust is the development of tools allowing data publishers to check that the privacy of sensitive data is not inadvertently violated by what is exposed to the outside view.
Alex Snoeren's "Decoupling Policy from Mechanism in Internet Routing" project focuses on separating forwarding policy from route discovery in the Internet, allowing users to select among possibly many inter-AS paths available to them and enabling ISPs to more effectively manage the end-to-end behavior of their traffic. The research has the potential to significantly improve performance, reliability, and robustness of the Internet.