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Big on Biotech
The newest members of the Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) were attracted to the top-notch students and research coming out of the Jacobs School.

Since its inception, CAP has attracted a wealth of engineering, telecom, defense and software firms. But until this year, biotech and biomedical companies were largely absent. Now, not one but two major players in the biotech industry have signed on.

In early 2005, Gen-Probe, San Diego 's oldest biotech, joined CAP, and in May, Invitrogen followed suit. Both hope to tap the steady supply of graduates from its bioengineering program, which is now ranked #2 in the nation.

"If we want to attract the best and the brightest of its graduates," says Greg Lucier, president and CEO of Invitrogen, "we need a close working relationship with the School."

Carlsbad-based Invitrogen makes products and services that support research, drug discovery and commercial bio-production efforts.

Invitrogen's Lucier and Gen-Probe CEO Hank Nordhoff are both also newcomers to Dean Frieder Seible's Council of Advisors. Their arrival validates the School's efforts in systems engineering for medicine and interdisciplinary, team-based engineering.

Gen-Probe has already committed to hiring a team of students this summer as part of the School's Team Internship Program, and CAP director Anne O'Donnell says the School values what these two life-science leaders can provide. "Companies such as Gen-Probe and Invitrogen are here for the talent, and we need that pipeline for our students into these industries," concludes O'Donnell. "It's a win-win situation."