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Jacobs School Expands its World-Class Structural Research Laboratories

Natalie and Robert Englekirk at April 7 dedication of the Englekirk Center. In background, the School is constructing a sevenstory building on the UCSD-NEES shake table, with the goal of testing possible cost-effective ways to increase seismic safety of mid-rise concrete buildings.

UCSD has not only added the world's first large-scale blast simulator to its arsenal of structural testing facilities, but it has also added the world's first outdoor shake table. Both laboratories are part of the new Englekirk Structural Engineering Center .

The Center is named for Robert Englekirk, noted structural engineer on projects such as the Getty Museum and Kodak Theatre, and his wife Natalie, in recognition of their $1.5 million gift for UCSD structural engineering research and student fellowships and scholarships.

In addition to his personal gift, Englekirk brought more than 45 California structural engineering firms together to form a board of advisors which provides support and input to the research programs at the Center.The first project on the board's agenda: seismic testing this summer of a full-scale, seven-story concrete building. The tests will evaluate construction systems that may increase safety while reducing construction costs for medium-rise residential buildings such as condominiums and hotels.

The Englekirk Center is an extension of the UCSD Powell Structural Research Laboratories, which are known worldwide for large-scale seismic safety tests of buildings and bridges.