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Busy Year Ahead for Diversity-Minded Engineer

Lelli Van Den Einde
Structural engineering professor Lelli Van Den Einde

Structural engineering faculty member Lelli Van Den Einde is a dedicated advisor and mentor who won an outstanding faculty advisor award from the California Chapter of the American Society of Civil Engineers in 2011. As a woman in structural engineering, Van Den Einde said she has a particular interest in underrepresented students – and based on the acceptance numbers for the 2012-13 academic year, she will be busy.

The number of underrepresented graduate students set to attend the Jacobs School this fall has gone up by 50 percent compared to 2011. They now make up 12.4 percent of incoming domestic graduate students, compared to 9.6 percent in fall 2011. Underrepresented students often have a hard time identifying with others on campus, said Van Den Einde, who plans to reach out and let them know she is there to listen.

The chair of the faculty board advising the IDEA Student Center, Van Den Einde believes that diversity is important for the student body as a whole. “We need a student population that reflects the population of the world around us,” she said.

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