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UCSD Pascal Still Resonates

Bruce Sherman, a UCSD Pascal Pioneer, honors Ken Bowles through a computer science scholarship

Bruce Sherman was all business almost from the moment he arrived at UC San Diego in 1977. Intrigued by an introductory programming class required for his economics degree, he joined the team of student researchers working on the UCSD Pascal Project. UCSD Pascal, a modification of the programming language Pascal, was created by computer science professor Kenneth Bowles as a way to teach programming on the microcomputers that were beginning to replace mainframes on campus. UCSD Pascal was on the verge of wider public release, and Sherman worked as one of the project’s first technical support team members.

Sherman followed UCSD Pascal and Bowles through the historic first decades of the software industry. With other project veterans, he worked at SofTech Microsystems as the company commercialized UCSD Pascal. And when Bowles launched his own company TeleSoft in 1981, he brought Sherman on board to handle sales and marketing. TeleSoft’s success helped Sherman retire when the company was sold 10 years later.

“My early undergraduate research experience launched me into an amazing career,” Sherman said. “I can’t emphasize enough how important an experience that was, and I’d like to support other students in having a similar experience.”

To that end, Sherman has established a living trust to contribute to the Kenneth Bowles Endowed Scholarship for Computer Science. It’s a deeply personal gift for him, one that reflects the pride he feels in being part of the UCSD Pascal Project and in working with Bowles.

Bowles’ caring management style and visionary mindset were critical to the Project’s success, Sherman recalled. “While it was happening, we knew we were doing something interesting, but I don’t know if we knew how iconic and important it would be.”

Sherman’s research background made him valuable at TeleSoft, but the personal contacts he made at UC San Diego were also important. Undergraduates may think of campus research as a chance to hone their technical skills, he said, but they shouldn’t overlook the community and networking opportunities that linger long after graduation.

Today, Sherman works as a Registered Investment Adviser for a select group of clients—some of them old friends from TeleSoft —and as a senior vice president of portfolio management at Telos Capital Management, Inc. His gift to the Bowles Scholarship is one that resonates with his passion for helping people grow and create with their wealth. “It feels right to give back to that, to give opportunities to others, especially in view of my career where I’m helping other people plan their legacies,” he said.

The Kenneth Bowles Undergraduate Scholarship

Established in 2005, the Kenneth Bowles Scholarship Endowment Fund provides, in perpetuity, scholarship funds to support one CSE undergraduate student for four consecutive years. Gifts to support this scholarship and many other Jacobs School initiatives are needed and greatly appreciated.

If you would like to make an outright gift (of cash or appreciated securities) to the Kenneth Bowles Scholarship Endowment Fund and help students today, visit: and enter the Bowles Scholarship Fund #2303

Contact Jan Dehesh:
(858) 534-2329

Making a planned gift.

For more information on how to join Bruce Sherman and include the Jacobs School in your estate plans, please go to:

Contact Danielle R. Dawson, JD, director of development at the UC San Diego Foundation’s Office of Gift Planning for a free, no-obligation consultation:
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