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Patents and Licenses

Efficient Coder for Wireless
Anand Subramaniam and Prof. Bhaskar Rao (ECE) have developed a novel source coding scheme that improves the performance- complexity trade off of present day quantizer schemes used in data transmission and storage. The proposed method may be applied in coding speech, audio, image, and video for both transmission and storage. It can be used for building better speech recognition systems and in wireless communications for variable rate adaptive coding. The method supports both variable and fixed rate coding, and has significantly less search and computational complexity than current schemes. The new method efficiently and effectively addresses the memory and bandwidth drawbacks of present day quantizers without compromising on the quality of the output of the source coder. The invention titled "A Novel Variable, Low Bit Rate, Bandwidth Efficient Learning Source Coder" is available for licensing. Ref. SD2000-130

Optical Fiber Communication Links
Electrical and Computer Engineering researchers have invented a high-power and low drive voltage electroabsorption modulator structure (EAM), utilizing two of the most popular materials for optoelectronics. The device design reduces the detrimental optical saturation effect in EAMs, while also improving the modulation efficiency. The advantages of the invention include high optical power operation due to improved optical power handling capability; lower modulation switching voltage; operation over a wide wavelength range due to a relatively large detuning energy; and likely lower insertion losses. EAM components made with this invention will greatly enhance the performance of optical fiber communication links. Ref. SD2001-005

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