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Jacobs School Scholarships and Fellowships: Opening a World of Opportunity

FOR THE JACOBS SCHOOL SCHOLARS AND FELLOWS, academic excellence is almost a given. Their UCSD experience is being defined by opportunities that will undoubtedly impact the rest of their lives. Most recently, they had the chance to meet Joan Jacobs, who together with her husband Irwin, created the Jacobs School Scholars and Fellows program.

"Irwin and I are tremendously impressed with your accomplishments academically," Mrs. Jacobs told the students at a welcoming reception in November. "I know you will be busy studying hard, but while you are on campus, I hope you will expand your horizons beyond engineering. Attend a play at the La Jolla Playhouse and walk among the outdoor sculptures of the Stuart Collection." To encourage the students, Mrs. Jacobs gave each a copy of the recently published book "Landmarks: UCSD Stuart Collection".

Says sophomore Alex Simma: "To me, the most valuable part of the Jacobs School Scholarship is the amazing people I've metóit's the kind of experience that canít be measured in dollars and cents or GPAs and SATs." Simma, a computer science major, says his research with UCSD Linguistics Professor Andrew Kehler on a computational analysis of pronoun resolution is giving him a broader outlook on how engineering can be applied to other fields of study.

"My scholarship pays for my housing, my food, my tuition, and even my books," said freshman bioengineer Jason Tongbai. "But it is also a great leadership opportunity."

Just weeks after arriving on campus, Tongbai participated in the UCSD Open House when the Jacobs Scholars helped children make "goo" out of borax and glue. "Those little kids seemed very much interested and who knows, we might be influencing the Albert Einsteins of tomorrow."

The Jacobs School Scholars and Fellows program was established in 1999 to help the School recruit students who have demonstrated the highest level of academic excellence, leadership and commitment to community service. Undergraduates are provided full four-year scholarships and graduates are provided full first-year fellowships. The program is made possible through the generous support of Irwin and Joan Jacobs. If you are interested in helping to support students while simultaneously honoring your family or others through a named scholarship program, please contact MaryAnn F. Stewart at (858) 534-4575.