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Jacobs School and National Laboratory Launch Education Partnership Los Alamos plans to hire approximately 300 engineers over the next five years and the new education program will train engineers in disciplines that support the Labís mission to enhance global security.

Through a new joint engineering education initiative, the Jacobs School and Los Alamos National Laboratory are creating a graduate-level, research-based engineering degree program to be co-located at UCSD and Los Alamos.

Initially, the program will focus on technologies to detect damage and predict the remaining useful life of engineered systems. This research will support critical infrastructure management in both the civil and defense sectors, including stewardship of the U.S. nuclear weapons stockpile, and maintenance of bridges, roads and aircraft.

Four UCSD structural engineering graduate students have already been awarded Los Alamos fellowships, and eventually as many as 30 students a year may enroll in the program. The students are participating in two current collaborations between Los Alamos and UCSD: detecting damage in the composite wings of the Predator unmanned aerial vehicle; and research on composite-to-steel connections for next-generation Navy destroyers.

The engineering education initiative is initially being supported by a one-year, $640,000 contract sponsored by the Weapons Engineering and Manufacturing Directorate at Los Alamos, and plans call for a five-year program with a commitment of at least $3 million leading to the creation of a Los Alamos-UCSD Engineering Institute. It is expected that the curriculum will be expanded to include additional engineering disciplines at the Jacobs School.