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Faculty Awards

Shu Chien (Bioengineering) was named an Honorary Member of the Chinese Association for Physiological Sciences at a ceremony in Beijing on Oct. 17. The Association, which includes a membership of 3,000 scientists, publishes a journal and sponsors scientific meetings. Chien is the first honorary member to be elected since 1937.

Ronald Graham (CSE), was awarded the 2003 Steele Prize for Lifetime Achievement by the American Mathematical Society (AMS). Graham was honored for his role as one of the principal architects of the rapid worldwide development of discrete mathematics, as well as for shaping “the positive public image of mathematical research in the United States.”

Russell Impagliazzo (CSE) and his colleagues recently won two awards for contributions to the theory of pseudo-randomness and cryptography. He received the Society of Industrial and Applied Mathematicians' Outstanding Paper Award, chosen by the editors of 13 SIAM journals. He also received the Best Paper Award at the top conference in theory of computing, STOC.

Juan C. Lasheras (MAE) was awarded the "2003 Breakthrough Innovation in Sciences" at the "BioFusion '03 Awards" in recognition for having developed a novel endovascular cooling technology. The Celsius Control catheter, now under development by INNERCOOL Therapies, is the first endovascular device to gain FDA clearance to allow physicians to actively induce, maintain and reverse hypothermia (mild cooling) in neurosurgical patients in surgery and recovery/intensive care. Other potential clinical applications of this technology (now in clinical trials) include inducing mild hypothermia for the treatment of stroke and heart attack. The award was sponsored by T-Sector Magazine and BIOCOM, the organization for the life-sciences industry in San Diego.