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LinkedIn Networking at the Jacobs School

Jack T.C. Davis
Mechanical design engineer, SpaceX
Previous: Mechanical design engineer, JPL
Bachelor's and master's, aerospace engineering, 2005 and 2012
Davis is pictured (above) with an early version of the descent stage for the Mars Space Laboratory, better known as Curiosity.

Edward Olgin
Chief engineer/principal network engineer, Fuse Integration
Previous: Chief engineer/principal network engineer, IMG Networks
Bachelor's, electrical, electronics and communications engineering, 2006

Shawnnah Castillo
Software technical project manager at Invetech
Previous: manager, software development, Covidien
Bachelor's, computer science, 2000

The Jacobs School's LinkedIn group now has close to 5,000 members. Are you among them? It's a good place to network, keep tabs on the professional successes of fellow alumni, and learn about alumni events and big news from the Jacobs School. The group also contains a number of subgroups, including groups for academic departments, the Team Internship Program (TIP), and the new Data Science master's degree program that the Jacobs School plans to launch in Fall 2014. A few alumni who joined recently are highlighted below: Join the group online at:

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