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SkySweeper and Shake Table Honored

The Jacobs School was in the spotlight in the December issue of Popular Science, where our shake table and a robot designed to inspect power lines by mechanical engineering graduate student Nick Morozovsky both received Best of What's New awards from the magazine.

The Large High Performance Outdoor Shake Table can handle structures weighing up to 2200 tons without height restrictions. The table's powerful hydraulic actuators can move at up to six feet per second, creating realistic simulations of the most devastating earthquakes ever recorded. The table has been a boon for researchers across the nation, including the Jacobs School's own earthquake engineering group, which includes NEES Co-PIs Joel Conte, Enrique Luco, Jose Restrepo and Benson Shing.

SkySweeper, designed in the Coordinated Robotics Lab led by professor Tom Bewley, is a robot made of off-the-shelf electronics and plastic parts printed with an inexpensive 3D printer. The prototype could be scaled up for less than $1,000, making it significantly more affordable than the two industrial robots currently used to inspect power lines.

Watch the robot in action:

"The Best of What's New Awards is our magazine's top honor" said Cliff Ransom, executive editor of Popular Science. "Each winner is handpicked and revolutionary in its own way."

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