61. 3d collagen architecture induces vascular mimicry in cancer cells through a conserved migratory and transcriptional response

Department: Bioengineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Stephanie I. Fraley

Primary Student
Name: Daniel Ortiz Velez
Email: daortizv@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-366-8054
Grad Year: 2019

Cancer cells interact closely with the surrounding extracellular matrix (ECM) which serves as a mediator in all cellular processes. The physical properties of the ECM have been previously reported to influence several signaling pathways and thus affect the cells capacity to proliferate, invade and transdifferentiate to different phenotypes. Additionally, different ECM, specifically collagen, architectures have been reported to correlate with metastatic potential. In this study we investigated the influence of the collagen 3D architecture on cancer cell?s invasive phenotype and associated changes in gene expression to find links between collagen properties and metastatic potential. We found that cells surrounded by a 3D collagen environment with small pore size and short, thin fibers, triggers a migratory and transcriptional response that induces the formation of vascular mimicry (VM). VM has been previously reported to arise in different cancer cells in culture and has been found to correlate with metastatic potential in in vivo models.

Industry Application Area(s)
Life Sciences/Medical Devices & Instruments

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