178. rapid on-chip isolation and detection of pancreatic cancer exosome biomarkers

Department: NanoEngineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Sadik C. Esener

Primary Student
Name: Augustine Chidi Obirieze
Email: acobirie@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-9897
Grad Year: 2019

Pancreatic cancer is the most lethal of all solid-tumor cancers. Early detection has been a major challenge. There is increasing evidence suggesting exosomes ? endocytic lipid bilayer membrane extracellular vesicles secreted by virtually all cells ? are useful biomarkers for non-invasive cancer diagnostics. However, current methods for exosome isolation are cumbersome, time-consuming, and require expensive equipment and personnel training. We utilized an AC dielectrophoretic microelectrode array device to rapidly isolate pancreatic cancer exosomes from 25ÁL of plasma. Immunofluorescence was used to identify exosome membrane markers, such as CD63 and glypican-1, directly on-chip. The entire process from sample to exosome isolation took less than 25 minutes. We investigated pancreatic cancer patients? plasma samples and plasma samples of health subjects, and found significant correlation between cancer exosome biomarker and pancreatic cancer. This technology has utility in advancing early cancer detection research and point-of-care molecular diagnostics.

Industry Application Area(s)
Life Sciences/Medical Devices & Instruments

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