215. classification of failure mode and plastic hinge formation of steel wide-flange beam-columns

Department: Structural Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Chia-Ming Uang

Primary Student
Name: Gulen Ozkula
Email: gozkula@ucsd.edu
Phone: 217-898-1618
Grad Year: 2017

Recent experimental and analytical studies showed the cyclic behaviour of steel deep wide-flange columns with a cross-section depth substantially greater than the flange width are not well understood. To fill this knowledge gap, detailed finite element simulation that was validated by experimental data was used to investigate the cyclic behaviour of deep columns. In this research, a number of carefully selected full-scale columns were experimentally tested with an axial compression and cyclic lateral drift to provide a comprehensive database. The effect of cross-sectional and global slenderness ratios on the cyclic strength deterioration and buckling mode was examined. Based on the test data and as well as numerical simulation results of over one-hundred different column sections, a new buckling mode classification criterion is proposed. For performance-based seismic evaluation, parameters of cyclic backbone curves for deep column modelling are presented.

Industry Application Area(s)
Civil/Structural Engineering

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