24. blast wave reflection patterns

Department: Structural Engineering
Research Institute Affiliation: Agile - CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials & Systems
Faculty Advisor(s): Veronica Eliasson

Primary Student
Name: Nicholas Amen
Email: namen@ucsd.edu
Phone: 215-779-8407
Grad Year: 2020

The phenomenon of interacting blast waves produces many interesting, non-linear effects. The blasts can form reflection patterns which resemble those formed by a planar shock wave over a wedge obstacle. Here, simultaneous blast waves are generated such that their interaction can be quantified and rules for their reflection patterns empirically created. A laboratory scale blast chamber is to be built which uses fast-discharge electrical energy to detonate copper wires, initiating the blast. This exploding wire system (EWS) will be used with different blast energies to establish relationships between the reflection patterns and their driving parameters. These reflection patterns are the driver behind the phenomenon of multiple interacting, imploding blast waves, known as blast focusing. The results from this will be applied to the study of blast focusing to experimentally correlate the focusing phenomenon to the reflecting phenomenon and its respective driving parameters.

Industry Application Area(s)
Aerospace, Defense, Security | Civil/Structural Engineering | Materials

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