211. collapse vulnerability of reinforced masonry structures under seismic loading

Department: Structural Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Pui-Shum Shing

Primary Student
Name: Andreas Koutras
Email: akoutras@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-405-1946
Grad Year: 2018

Even though the flexural behavior of fully-grouted reinforced masonry (RM) walls has been well studied and can be assessed with sufficient accuracy using analytical methods currently available, the shear behavior of these walls is more challenging to predict and the performance of RM walls at the system level is not well understood. In this study, the system-level seismic response of RM structures is investigated using finite element modeling. A three-dimensional modeling scheme has been developed and implemented in the finite element code LS-DYNA. The scheme is extensively validated through the simulation of shake-table tests of masonry building systems and quasi-static tests of wall components. Then, it is applied to the time-history analyses of archetype buildings with bi-directional earthquake ground motions to evaluate their seismic performance through collapse.

Industry Application Area(s)
Civil/Structural Engineering

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