48. liquefied gas electrolytes for low temperature energy storage

Department: NanoEngineering
Research Institute Affiliation: Agile - Sustainable Power and Energy Center (SPEC)
Faculty Advisor(s): Ying Meng

Primary Student
Name: Yangyuchen Yang
Email: yay081@eng.ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-822-4247
Grad Year: 2020

Student Collaborators
Joon Kyo Seo, joonkyo.seo@gmail.com

Electrochemical energy storage devices, such as electrochemical capacitors and Li-ion batteries, have seen little change in their electrolyte chemistry since their commercialization. These liquid electrolytes often limit the energy density and low temperature operation of these devices, which impede a lot of potential applications, including different vehicles, high atmosphere devices, and aerospace instruments. Our work uses electrolytes based on solvent systems which are typically gaseous under standard conditions and show excellent performance in electrochemical energy storage devices. It is demonstrated that these novel solvents have excellent performance over an extended temperature range and a wide potential window of stability. Lithium batteries show world-record low temperature operation down to -60 C with excellent capacity retention. Electrochemical capacitors show outstanding performance and a wide operation temperature range from 78 to +65 C with an increased operation voltage.

Industry Application Area(s)
Energy/Clean technology | Materials

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