107. exceptional points in passive plasmonic nanostructure for sensing

Department: Electrical & Computer Engineering
Faculty Advisor(s): Boubacar Kante

Primary Student
Name: Junhee Park
Email: jup064@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-534-4939
Grad Year: 2019

Nano-plasmonic sensing applications have been investigated over the years due to the strong EM field confinement and the nature of localized surface plasmon resonances. The sensing mechanism relies on the ability to shift the resonance in presence of a perturbation. We propose and demonstrate a passive plasmonic nanostructures sensor operated at an exceptional point (EP), that fundamentally shift more than conventional resonances. Exceptional points are degeneracies in open wave systems where at least two energy levels and their corresponding eigenstates coalesce. They manifest themselves by the simultaneous degeneracy of both resonant frequencies and its linewidths. These points are highly sensitive to the external perturbations as even a sufficiently small variation will lift the degeneracy and cause splitting of both resonant frequencies and linewidths. The plasmonic EP sensors pave the way to highly sensitive plasmonic devices with applications ranging from biological to electro-optical sensing.

Industry Application Area(s)

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