53. development of eu2+ or ce3+ activated phosphors with high purities and improved quantum efficiencies for solid-state lighting application

Department: Mechanical & Aerospace Engineering
Research Institute Affiliation: CaliBaja Center for Resilient Materials & Systems
Faculty Advisor(s): Joanna M. McKittrick

Primary Student
Name: Jungmin Ha
Email: juh061@ucsd.edu
Phone: 858-284-9016
Grad Year: 2018

Development of novel phosphors and exploration of methods to improve quantum efficiency of phosphors have attracted intense interest for the next-generation, highly efficient solid-state lighting. However, finding optimal synthetic conditions to achieve high purities for phosphors and discovering methods for improvement of the quantum efficiency are challenging due to the various factors in the synthetic processes and luminescent properties, such as preparation methods, post-annealing process, and the amount of activator. Here, the development of novel phosphors with high purities and a method to improve quantum efficiency are studied. The crystal structures were confirmed through X-ray diffraction patterns as well as ratios of impurities, lattice parameters, and crystallite size were analyzed via Reitveld refinement technique from TOPAS program to find optimal synthetic conditions for phosphors with high purities and to research the relationship between crystallite size and quantum efficiency. Photoluminescent spectra and quantum efficiencies were reported along with the crystal structure analysis. This work is supported by the National Science Foundation, Ceramics Program Grant (DMR-1411192)

Industry Application Area(s)

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